Top Three Things to Discuss With Your Family Photographer in New York Before the Portrait Session


Looking for the top family photographer in New York? Gruber Photographers may be known as the top NY wedding photographers, but their talents don’t stop there. Gruber Photographers also provides the top family portrait service in the greater NYC area.

We realize that for most families it’s difficult enough to pull the whole gang together at one time to meet with a photographer so we believe that the best family photography is done right the first time around, capturing all the most sparkling features and personalities of your loved ones.

What makes our family photography in New York different?

While there are many photographers out there that can capture the moment and make your kids laugh, what makes Gruber Photographers the top family photographer in NYC is our attention to detail and the carefully thought out consultation we provide to families.

We’ve compiled a this list of the top three things to discuss with your family photographer before the portrait session.

  • Consult with your family photographer about what you are looking to get out of your family portrait. Are you looking for something to hang on your wall? Your family photographer can work with you to plan the different elements of the photo (background and colors) to make your portrait not only a beautiful way to capture your family but as a piece of art for your living space.
  • Coordinate attire – Family photography looks best when the family is in corresponding, but not exactly matching outfits. Try to wear something simple with clean lines that you are comfortable and feel your best in.
  • Discuss your schedule in detail about what the month looks like and pick several days you could have family portrait taken. The best family photographer will know the perfect time of day to capture the effect you want, but the time may conflict with your schedule. Lighting is important and the time of day will vary the way your portraits look. Your family photographer in NYC can work with you on where and when to meet to get the best results.

A luxury family portrait is timeless; something that you and your loved ones will have forever. Make sure that you take the proper care and preparation for it and consult with your family photographer in New York to help produce the most beautiful images.

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