Expert Tips for Styling Your Bridal Party

The moment you say, “I do” to your life partner is a time you will treasure for the rest of your life. Ensure your photos are stunning by taking time to style your bridal party appropriately! Consider the following design elements: Bridal Party Celebrating Before Wedding in NYC

Uniform or mismatched

The first and likely toughest decision to make is whether you envision all of your treasured bridesmaids standing with you dressed in the exact same dress (same color, fabric, length, and style) or in different, yet complimentary gowns. There are pros and cons to each option.

Dressing everyone alike is a traditional and safe option, and creates a uniform, consistent look. Go for matching accessories and shoes, and allow your ‘maids to choose their own makeup and hair styles to give them some freedom of expression. Buying the same dress for everyone could prove stressful if you’re a people-pleaser, however, and the one ‘maid in the minority when you voted on the dress may still feel uncomfortable on wedding day.

Mismatched dresses are a fun option that allow your bridesmaids to have a little fun and pick a dress that best suits their style and body type. Choose whether to give your bridesmaids a few guidelines (such as providing the fabric type and color and letting them choose the style) or to let them have free reign. This option proves a bit risky if you do not see all of the different dresses together before the wedding day.

Style and color

There is nothing like choosing your wedding colors; you can go with a classic theme, go big and bold, evoke nature, or incorporate your favorite era. Your wedding colors determine your décor, flowers, cake, and especially the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses. Selecting the best colors and complementary colors is important in creating a cohesive and unifying event.

Body type and skin color come into play when debating on what color and style to choose for your bridesmaid’s dresses. Collectively, you want to decide on one style and color or different styles and colors that suit each ‘maid individually. Trying to persuade your redheaded friend to wear bright orange or asking your small-busted friend to wear a strapless, low-cut gown might result in grumpy and unfriendly bridesmaids, which you don’t need on your big day.

Remember to check in with your bridesmaids to make sure everyone feels comfortable in the dresses you chose. Pick an appropriate length for everyone’s height and keep necklines in mind. Dress flower girls in something that complements the bridesmaid’s dresses and avoid anything too sophisticated for her age or which hinders her ability to walk down the aisle.

A special note about the Maid of Honor

You handpicked your Maid of Honor for a special reason, whether she is your sister, best friend, cousin, or someone else close to you. She gets the prime spot in the wedding party and the distinguished title, so she needs a dress to match. Consider putting your Maid of Honor in a different dress from your other bridesmaids. Maybe use a different color or style of dress to set her apart from the other ‘maids or have her wear a different necklace or hairstyle to show her importance.

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