Executive Portrait Spotlight: Nate DaPore

“Whether it’s for an executive, a performer or commemorating a major milestone in life, we are expert at drawing out our subjects’ best, most engaging selves.”

Executive Portrait of Nate DaPore

Executive portraits are essential for professionals in all fields. A wonderful first impression can be made through a portrait as they allow personality and expertise to shine through. Get a closer look at a recent executive portrait shoot we had the opportunity to work on for Nate DaPore and read his fascinating story.

Executive Nate DaPore
Nate is an entrepreneur, start-up investor, and software expert. He began his journey as a visionary entrepreneur and leader in the technology space more than 15 years ago. His most recent venture was founding PeopleMatter, a $60M+ venture backed software company, focused on creating change in the hourly workforces of the best companies in the U.S. and abroad. He currently serves on 4 private equity backed software company boards and loves helping young entrepreneurs find their start with his work at YesCarolina (Youth Entrepreneurship of South Carolina).

Nate DaPore - Entrepreneur

It was time for Nate to update his executive portraits for an upcoming book tour and he sought out a highly reputable expert photographer to complete the task. Terry Gruber was that expert photographer. He bests describes his time with Terry as exceptional and enjoyable. Nate was so impressed with Terry’s direction, work, and final portraits that Nate regularly refers executives and professionals to him.

Nate DePare

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