Engagement Photographer Services in New York City

Marriage Proposal Ideas, Including Hidden Photographer Proposals

At Gruber Photographers, we offer luxury engagement photographer services, specializing in capturing one of the most elusive and special moments in a couple’s life: the marriage proposal.

From a hidden photographer proposal in Central Park to a public announcement in Times Square, New York City, your Gruber engagement photographer will flawlessly capture this once-in-a-lifetime event, providing you with the most beautiful and romantic candid photographs possible.

Our NYC wedding venues page has all the information you need on our highly recommended locations; these are some of our favorite venues that provide a stunning backdrop for NYC wedding photography.

Engagement Photographer Services

At Gruber Photographers, we understand that no two engagements are the same. We work with you to custom plan and rehearse your own proposal so your Gruber engagement photographer will be prepared and informed about the upcoming big moment. This special preparation allows your engagement photographer to know just where to stand, when to move, what is important and what to expect.

Marriage Proposal Ideas Consultation

Can’t think of any creative marriage proposal ideas but want to make it a moment to remember? Our team will work with you to come up with personalized and unique marriage proposal ideas that will have your future fiancé telling and re-telling the story of your engagement for the rest of your lives.

Would your future fiancé want her marriage proposal to attract attention from strangers, friends or family or to be private and intimate? With many years experience offering engagement photographer services we ask the right questions to help determine the best marriage proposal idea and are familiar with the most picturesque locations in the New York City area.

A Hidden Photographer Proposal

One of our favorite engagement photographer specialties we offer is the Hidden Photographer Proposal. In most cases, we work with the groom in advance to ensure that one of our engagement photographers will be discreetly stationed on location to document the big moment without being seen or otherwise influencing its authenticity.

Having an engagement photographer nearby when you pop the question always makes for the most perfect album, filled with candid photos and the most genuine emotion. For each Hidden Photographer Proposal, we work with our client to understand the personality of the couple and to make sure we can get the perfect angle on the decisive moment every time. Your engagement photographer will hide wherever necessary to capture your marriage proposal photos.

Gruber Photographers offers all types of luxury photography services with a special focus on New York City wedding photography. Contact us today for an engagement photographer to cover your own hidden photographer proposal, or visit the Gruber Photographers Facebook page.