Destiny: The Diana and Jonathan Story

Trust the Timing of Your Life.

Bride and Groom at the St Regis New York

Where true love is concerned there is no greater force than destiny.  Jonathan and Diana’s “meet cute” took place while playing ping-pong in Chautauqua, New York where both of their families have enjoyed annual summer getaways for many years.  Diana was supposed to be dancing in Seattle but an injury put her in Chautauqua to recuperate.  The two felt a spark instantly and spent the remainder of their vacation creating excuses to see each other. Diana was dreading the end of the vacation fearing she would never see Jonathan again.  She was headed off to school in Toronto and he was returning home to Dallas.  Timing and distance were never in their favor for the next four years, but nevertheless their long distance relationship continued.  Then all changed when Diana was accepted in the company of the Texas Ballet Theater, a dance company based in Dallas.  The rest is history….

The Wedding: “Dianathan”

Diana was one of the calmest and poised brides we have encountered at Gruber.   Her gentle way of carrying herself put her family, bridal party and guests at ease.  She promised herself that she would not let the stress of the day rule or rush her and would experience and savor every delicious moment of her wedding day.

There was a very moving moment at the St Regis Hotel when Diana was standing alone studying the woman she didn’t recognize reflected in the mirror of the Tiffany Suite.  She continued her stare, took two deep yoga breaths, then cracked a smile of pure joy, smoothed out her wedding dress and never stopped smiling all day.  It was just a transformative moment but one so moving and so Diana.

Everything about the wedding was mesmerizing and you can feel it in the photographs captured by Terry and JJ.

Lazaro Wedding Dress Details

Wedding dress by Lazaro

Wedding ring made by De Boulle, designed by the groom

Wedding ring made by De Boulle, designed by the groom

Bride and her Bridesmaid in the Tiffany Suite

The Bride & her bridesmaid getting ready in the Tiffany Suite 

Bride getting ready at The St Regis

Bride getting ready before her big day

Hair Clip by Gowns of Grace, Earrings are one of a kind estate pieces from mother of the groom

Groom wearing Zohreh NYC

Groom wearing Hadleigh’s 

Bride with her Bridesmaids at The St Regis Hotel

Bridesmaid’s dresses by Bill Levkoff and necklace by Kate Spade

Bride to be entering the room with her parents

Grooms face when seeing his bride walk down the aisle

Bride walking down the aisle with her parents

Bride laughing at the alter with the groom

Kiss the bride

Groom celebrating his new bride

Wedding Reception at The St Regis Hotel

Reception held at The St Regis Hotel, Flowers by Renny & Reed

Wedding Cake by Cake Boss

Cake by Ron Ben Israel

Bride and Groom's first dance

Bride cheering at her reception

Bride and groom sharing a moment

Bride having a blast

Wedding guest doing a backflip

Confetti send off

Bride and Groom in the elevator

2 Responses to “Destiny: The Diana and Jonathan Story”

  1. Carrie Greenwald

    So exquisite—every detail. But the bride and groom most of all. Their happiness beamed right out of the pictures. Well done Nancy and Steve! Well done in every sense of the word!
    XXOO Carrie and Mark

  2. Kalidou

    Yay!! Congrats Pamela and John. So pleased that the big day has been and gone. Having avdily followed Pam’s exploits in planning this wedding, from fizzy-pop excitement, shoe difficulties and a rather fab Hen Do, I wish you both every hapiness as husband and wife!Lots of Love,Amy xxx


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