The Best Bridal Shower Photography Services in NYC

By Gruber Photographers

Bridal showers originated in the 1890s as a gift-giving celebration for the bride to be in anticipation for the wedding. The custom is said to have evolved from earlier dowry practices.  Today they take place more so in North America as well as Australia.

Planning a bridal shower can be both challenging as well as very rewarding. It can be even more difficult finding the right bridal shower photographer, because you don’t want to be the one taking all the pictures, you want to enjoy the event as much as your guest do!

We at Gruber Photographers have covered numerous events. Our professionalism and stunning work share a storyteller’s eye, with attention to detail.  With our fly on the wall coverage of every great moment, we have earned our reputation of the best bridal shower photography service.

If you are planning on having a bridal shower and you would like to capture the many rewarding moments that can transpire from such an event, we at Gruber Photographers would be more than happy to help; contact us online.

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