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Same-Sex Wedding Planning Tips

April 15, 2019

Same-Sex Weddings,

If you’re an LGBTQ couple getting ready to say, “I do,” then you most likely have a ton of wedding planning ahead of you! Here are a few same-sex wedding planning tips that will make the planning a breeze:

Same-Sex Wedding Planning TipsFind wedding attire that makes you feel like you

Whether you go for two bridal gowns, two tuxes, one of each, or none of the above, let go of any expectations about what you should wear and pick a wedding outfit that expresses your style while making you feel comfortable.

Plot out the processional

As a same-sex couple, the processional order is yours to re-imagine. You could walk down the aisle together with a mutually important person in between you, walk one behind the other with your parents, or have two aisles and walk down them at the same time. Just make sure to hire a second photographer if you go for the latter option.

Choose a venue where all of your guests will feel comfortable

Before booking a venue, read testimonials and ask managers and staff about their experience with same-sex weddings. It’s a good idea to choose venues for both the ceremony and the reception that are LGBTQ-friendly and have hosted same-sex events in the past.

Hire accepting vendors

It’s an unfortunate fact that some vendors discriminate. Find photographers, florists, caterers and other vendors that welcome all couples and enjoy making their wedding days special. There are websites out there, such as engaygedweddings.com and gayweddings.com that can help you find vendors who understand that love is love. If you’re looking for a photographer in the New York City area, check out Gruber Photographers. We have worked with so many amazing couples, capturing their wedding day just how they imagined it. Browse through our LGBTQ wedding galleries and contact us today to find out how we can capture memories from your wedding day!

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