Big Apple Circus comes to Gruber Photographers

by Moha Antani

Gruber Photography studio was full of excitement as we prepared for our photo shoot with New York’s funniest clowns. Part of the Clown Care Unit of the Big Apple Circus, these specially trained “clown doctors” bring laughter and joy to hospitalized children in expressive costume and makeup. They create a stress-free environment for both the children and their families, providing a distraction from their day to day hospital life. The portraits taken will be used as part of a baseball card set of the Clown Care Unit.

Maike Schulz, our expert photographer, had lots of fun shooting the performers, with their comical poses and unique props. Maike is no stranger at photographing clowns; her work has been featured in the “Big Apple Circus Annual” and the documentary “Circus” on PBS. With her experience, Maike was able to guide the clowns for their portraits and capture the best expressions.

Big Apple Circus

Photo by Maike Schulz

Big Apple Circus

Photo by Maike Schulz

Big Apple Circus

Maike Schulz showing how to pose


Photographer Maike Schulz being silly with the clowns

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