Behind the scenes: Corporate Headshots at NYC’s Univision

Behind the scenes of Gruber Photographers:

Corporate Headshots at Univision

At Gruber Photographers our main goal is to put you (the subject) at ease and shoot an executive or corporate headshot that reflects both who you are professionally and personally.  We create corporate portraits that blend both professional confidence and personal charisma.  As an introduction, an executive portrait is an important tool in the corporate world, especially in NYC. Under the Leadership Banner on your website, a portrait is a benchmark of success.  You should always look better than your competition. Especially considering how fierce the competition in New York City is.

Utilizing high end equipment and creative lighting, backdrops, makeup and hair artistry, we create a headshot that is as much complimentary as it is engaging.  Whether on location at your headquarters, or in our photography studio, from our use of lighting, personal experience, and retouching, each and every headshot is you at your best.  Our approach is to create a lively atmosphere and personal rapport with each subject to create a comfortable environment for photography and a lasting impression with our images.    -Terry Gruber

Behind the scenes with Terry Gruber

This is a behind the scenes look at Terry Gruber while working on corporate headshots at Univision.



Our executive portrait photography bundles for NYC professionals include options like:

  • Multiple settings: on location (in your office) or at one of our two natural light studios
  • Custom backdrops
  • Green screens
  • Hair & makeup
  • Wardrobe advice
  • Undetectable retouching
If you would like to set up a shoot, email us or give us a call at 212.262.9777.

We would love to connect!

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