NYC Bat Mitzvah Photography at The Plaza Hotel: Behind The Scenes

by Gruber Photographers

Recently, we took a few behind the scenes shots of our crew hard at work setting up for a productive and fun day of bat mitzvah photography at NYC’s The Plaza Hotel. You can see our team of professionals setting up equipment and checking every last detail before the big event got under way.

Facing the Photography Challenges

Setting up for a photo shoot in New York City can be a challenge.  Every photographer will tell you capturing a moment in time takes more then a click of a button.

To capture that moment you need the right tools to assist with a wide range of challenges. This can range from maintaining the perfect lighting, that perfect position to capture that perfect angle, right down to managing the people in your lens field. At Gruber Photographers we have an entire crew of photographers and assistant photographers on hand to face these challenges so that time is not lost and that perfect moment is never missed.

Behind the scene crew shots Setting Up to Photograph a Wedding Testing our Cameras before the wedding Test Pictures Before the Wedding Preparing to Shoot the Wedding Photographing a Wedding

 Contact us online or call us at 212-262-9777 to see how we can produce amazing photos of your bat mitzvah or any other special occasion you have planned.


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