Baker Street Irregulars Banquet 2014

By Justina Wong

Baker Street Irregulars Group Photo

Where was Gruber Photographers on the night of the 17th of January?  At the L Club for the Baker Street Irregulars’ annual dinner, of course.  The organization, founded in 1934, meet once a year in New York City to come together and celebrate their enthusiasm for Sherlock Holmes, which this year is Holmes’ 160th birthday.  Gruber Photographers pulled out the 100+-year-old camera for this event to shoot a banquet shot, unique of the time where photography is dominated by DSLRs.  Organizing the attendees to fit into the frame was a bit of a task, but after everyone was set, Terry took the shot, blasting the room with bright light from the light bulbs placed on the perimeter.  Another memorable event recorded.

Though most members were dress in contemporary formal wear, a few were in period pieces, like one member who wore a deerstalker hat.  The dinner ran for several hours, and had many speeches in between, but as one member said, “it’s only for one year,” got to live it up.

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