A winter wonderland fashion shoot at The New York Palace

By Michael Clingenpeel and Justina Wong


It was like a scene out of a winter wonderland story. Despite the sub zero freezing temperatures, our client, Ivonn, fresh out of sunny and warm Mexico, called Gruber Photographers up to set up a fashion shoot.  We were pressed for time as Ivonn only had two days in NYC, but we at Gruber Photographers set out to make this shoot happen.  After finalizing times, Ivonn and Terry determined which parts of NYC would be best to showcase her time in the city’s full holiday splendor.  After scouting several locations, they were able to find the perfect backdrop to make this shoot fit all of Ivonn’s desires.  The New York Palace, where Ivonn was staying, was sprinkled with a light snow and thankfully still had a lot of their holiday decorations up.  It was perfect.  The client was happy with our work and the photos turned out festive and uniquely NYC.

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