8 Tips To Pull-Off A Secret Proposal Photo Shoot

Surprise Marriage Proposal in NYC

Men we hear you! We know how hard it is to buy the perfect ring and plan a secret proposal, especially if you have been dating for a long time, and she suspects a proposal is in the works. Now, imagine if you add another layer of excitement and secrecy, by hiring a photographer, to capture the beautiful moment when she says “Yes”! Your new fiancée will be beyond thrilled to have beautiful professional photographs when she shares the news with her friends and family.

Here at Gruber, we have been shooting secret proposals for 12 years. Based on our experience, we have compiled a list of tips to execute a perfect secret proposal photo shoot.

  1. Reveal or hidden photo shoot – there are two types of secret proposal photo shoots. Pick the type of secret proposal and a photographer who can be discreet and take great pictures from a distance.
    • Reveal – after the proposal runs its course, you can let your fiancée know that there is a photographer. A short engagement session ensues with the newly engaged couple at the location. Rooftop Romance
    • Hidden – when the soon-to-be fiancé is unaware the entire time, and the photographer shoots the couple secretly from a distance. This option allows the fiancé to retain the element of surprise and make a storybook album of the proposal to be gifted later in the year for Valentine’s Day, birthday, holiday or as the wedding gift.
  2. Put a face to a name – send a few recent photos of you and your girlfriend to the photographer so that they are following the right couple.
  3. Communication – share contact details including phone number with the photographer and give updates like “entering park now”, “running 10 minutes late”, “I’m in a bright blue suit”.
  4. Location – pick a well-lit iconic location like the Brooklyn Bridge, where people often pose for pictures, so the photographer can remain anonymous.
  5. Discreet – this may seem like we are pointing the obvious, but please don’t look for your photographer or give them the thumbs up before proposing (forehead slap!) and give away the surprise.
  6. Timing – plan the proposal early in the day or later in the day for best lighting. Empire State Building
  7. Family – go a step further and include the families in the shoot. Or have them waiting in a nearby restaurant so the proposal photography and the excitement can continue with shots of the couple and the future in-laws.
  8. Dress to impress – this is another obvious, but since it’s secret you can’t really give your fiancée the heads up. Pretending you have plans to have lunch or dinner at a swanky restaurant will give you an excuse to don nice clothes for the photoshoot.

Write to us below and let us know if this article helped you plan your secret proposal photo shoot. Or share some of your own tips from your experiences. We would love to hear from you!

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