5 Must-Have Wedding Shots You Need To Check Out Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer

Are you recently engaged and looking for that perfect wedding photographer? Terry Gruber, has been shooting weddings including celebrity brides like Catherine Zeta-Jones for more than 25 years.

Below are some of the must-have wedding shots he thinks you should definitely look out for when shopping for a wedding photographer. Every bride-to-be (thanks to the internet and Knot.com) has a list of wedding shots that she definitely wants her photographer to capture. For instance, the dress shot, walking down the aisle, first look, first kiss as husband and wife are just some of the shots just to name a few.

A good photographer will get these must-have shots, however, a great photographer will shoot these must-have wedding shots with creativity and style that will make your wedding pictures stand out from the run-of-the-mill wedding photos you so often see.

1. The Getting Ready Shot

The typical getting ready shot always includes the bride wearing some form of makeup, or the groom tying his tie or shoelaces. Boring! We all know we work hard to look our best on our wedding day, so why not show it off? Make it a sexy boudoir shoot. Something for you and your hubby’s eyes only. It can serve as a super sexy gift for your first wedding anniversary and keeps with the traditional gift theme of paper for first anniversary. Voila! You have killed two birds with one stone.

Boudoir Bride

2. The Dress Shot

You will only wear it once, but it’s the most important outfit you will ever wear in your life. We think every bride looks beautiful in her dress but not many photographers can make the dress look beautiful hanging. The shot below not only accentuates the beauty of the dress but it makes it look like a piece of art hanging from the ornate chandelier.

Wedding Dress on Bed

3. “I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife” Moment

The most romantic moment of your wedding. A great picture will make that moment look magical – right out of a fairytale! Don’t settle for a photographer whose work doesn’t evoke that emotion in you.

The Moment After "I Do"

4. Walking Down the Aisle Shot

Yes, we all know this is the moment when everybody looks at the bride and sheds a happy tear including the non-believers. Can a picture evoke that moment and emotion? Heck yeah! The picture below does a great job in doing what some videos cannot do. It gives perspective of the ceremony room, you can feel the anticipation and awe the wedding guests feel when the bride appears.

Bride Walking Down the Aisle

5. Candid Moments

Always be wary of photographers that don’t take the time to get to know your best angles. Candid moments can happen in a matter of a split second at weddings. A great photographer will know the angles to shoot you from even in these moments and will make you look the best version of yourself. If you see pictures of a bride not looking so great in the photographer’s portfolio, it’s not the bride, it’s the photographer. Do yourself a favor and head for the door immediately!

Candid Bride Moments

A great picture says a thousand words, don’t let those words be boring, typical, and uninteresting. Pick the right photographer, and your wedding album will be nothing short of a page-turner right out of a Wedding magazine.

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