4 Tips for a Successful Winter Wedding Photoshoot

4 Tips for a Successful Winter Wedding Photoshoot

Winter weddings always have an air of romanticism to them. Naturally, you’ll want your wedding photos to reflect this. However, a photoshoot in the middle of December is much different than one in the middle of June. You not only have to worry about the cold, but you should also consider the colors and styles of the holiday season. Here are some tips to get you started:

Dress in layers

Unless you luck out, the day of your photoshoot is likely going to be cold. While you may think you can brave it out in just your wedding dress, think again. A photoshoot can last a long time, and it can feel even longer when you’re standing around in freezing temperatures. Instead, put on a stylish coat that can go well with your wedding wardrobe, and wear boots that can be covered by your dress. If you’re insistent on wearing just your dress, then have a coat on hand just in case you start to get too cold.

Embrace the season

Winter is a beautiful time of the year, especially so during the holidays. So, take advantage of it by incorporating every part of the season into your photoshoot. Take some photos outside (being sure to bundle up) and, if your wedding is around Christmas or New Years, add in some festive accessories such as a Christmas tree or mistletoe.

Take your photos early

The days are shorter in wintertime, meaning you have a limited amount of time to do your photoshoot than you would in the summer. It starts to get dark around 4 or 5’o clock, so plan on doing your photos earlier rather than later to ensure you have enough time for everything.

Prepare for bad weather

As romantic and beautiful as winter may be, it does have an ugly side. Namely, you run the risk of a bad snowstorm hitting on the day of your wedding. While the show must go on, you may not want to be standing outside in a blizzard for your photoshoot. In order to prepare for this scenario, have both an indoor and outdoor location set for your wedding photoshoot. Having an indoor location will also help if the weather is nice, but a bit too chilly for you to be standing out in it for the entirety of the photoshoot.

At Gruber Photographers, our wedding photographers can capture the beauty and wonder of your winter wedding. Give us a call today at 212-262-9777 to learn more.

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