3 Tips for Preparing your Wedding Photographer for the Big Day

Knowledge is power.

All wedding photographers have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen at a wedding, but you only care about preparing them to photograph your wedding. You need to do your homework so they have very specific information about your family and your partner’s family.

Bridal party outside in NYC

1. Make a Who’s Who guide to your wedding for your photographer

What is your mother’s first name? How many siblings do you have? Who are your grandparents on your father’s side? How many bridesmaids are there? Who is the Maid of Honor? Your Who’s Who guide will provide great clarity as to who is important, how to address them, and their relationship to you. It is a key to your two families and your best friends.

The list should have two columns: one for each family with role (i.e. bride’s sister/Maid of Honor), first and last name, and nick name. At the bottom in one column, list the names of the wedding party, their roles and full names.

2. Make a list of the portraits and group photos for your photographer

From that cast of characters in your Who’s Who, make a numbered list of the portraits and group photos you “must have,” starting with the two of you and working your way through the family shots from both sides and wedding party. Decide who to include in your formal portraits.

Once you create your list, share it with your photographer and discuss where and when you want to shoot these particular portraits. Their input will help you judge how much time is needed to complete the list and help you establish the timeline of the wedding day.

3. Give your photographer the floor plan

Give your photographer the reception floor plan with table numbers and a list of the key parent tables (i.e. 1,3,5) and key friends tables (i.e. 15,17,19). This will show your photographer the people who are most important to photograph, that may not be in your family or in your wedding party.

At Gruber Photographers, we work with you to capture this special day in your life. Our team is full of talented and experienced wedding photographers ready to document your memorable moments. Give us a call at 212-262-9777 to learn more!

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